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E-petitioning tool allows you to launch petitions in which it is possible to increase the value of the signatures on the basis of our trust in the identification of the signer.
The idea behind this tool of  "trusted-based e-petitioning" is that the degree of reliability of a petition depends on the reliability with which it is possible to identify each signer (for example by authentication method, "reputation", "certification" account, etc.).
At the moment it is possible to differentiate the degree of reliability of the signature based on the authentication method used to sign the petition. In further developments  the reliability of the signature will be able to depend also on other parameters such as, for example, the reputation of the participant, her history in terms of activity on the platform, the age of her account, etc..
openDCN currently supports the following authentication methods: username and password, Facebook, Shibboleth, CRS (Regional Services Card) of the Lombardy Region. You can also start petitions that  even unauthenticated users can sign, providing mandatory Frist Name, Last Name and Email. After that an email is sent containing a link to confirm the address. We can therefore distinguish among "anonymous" signatures, that are carried out without authentication, those with confirmed email address from those with unconfirmed address. Regard with the authentication by username and password, it is possible to distinguish between local and remote, that is carried out by verifying the matching username and password on an external system that has an active and configured component on the platform.
This implies the possibility to consider the signatures made ​​with each of these methods, not necessarily all simultaneously active, more or less reliable.
E-petitioning tool allows you to start petitions characterized by:

  • title, logo and text
  • category
  • goal and deadline (non-binding)
  • recipients
  • promoters
  • "weighing signatures" that is reliability, calculated according to the above criteria
  • signatures moderation with a choice made by the author of the petition
  • qualification of the signer (as optional), that can be deleted by the moderator in case of clear violations

As an experimental feature, weighing of signatures can be visible or invisible and, in the latter case, the signatures are considered to be equally reliable, subject to the same possibility of inclusion: with or without authentication, with email confirmed or not confirmed.

The petitions included may or may not be subject to moderation: in the first case require approval before being posted and start collecting signatures.